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  • Jet van Groningen


(kunstwerk door : Tina Maria Elena)


In the pencilfeather lines around your eyes,

your laughing gets a deepening

In the roundening of your shoulders, the bolstering

of both your body and soul

In the thickness of your belly, a manifestation

of your daughters requiring outweighing

the one-dimensional hunger of ego

In the swelling of your leg

the growing vulnerability

enveloped by the ability

to take a stand


society’s boundaries of beauty

In the thinning of your skin,

the disclosure of your deepest essence

the lessening of layers between you and the world

In the graying of your hair, the promise

of blankets upon blankets upon blankets

of wisdwom on the bed of your spirit

In the pit of the pit, the love and the softness

of the newborn baby that you once were yourself

and that you take with you on this journey of your life

In the heart of your heart, the pure and buoyant pleasure

of the inner child that will remain with you forever

In the depth of the depth,

the tempestuous and turbulent

storms of your teenage self that

will forever give you the fire

when streams overflow and

the earth needs drying

In your protruding bones,

your swelling flesh,

your beautiful lines,

I see all of you

the beauty and the boasting,

the untame and the tame,

the untouched and

the touching.

I wish you, mothers

a motherhood


a womanhood

where you can honor

every layer of you.

to cherish for yourself,

to share with your love

and to offer to your children

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