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Do not ask me who the

bearer is of our c h i l d r e n

Do not ask me who the

male-influencer is of our boy

Do not ask me what the

creases are of our so-called

fake folded family

Do not ask me who the

soft-caressing mother

Do not ask me who the

air-jumping dadmother

Do not ask me nothing

before you question you

and the beliefs you hold

About men who can carry

children in their wombs

About women who feed

from binded-down breasts

About women who love women

About men who love men

About hers that love them

About hims that love all

About us who love our children

About us who will raise them

To find ordinary in the outlandish

To find ordinary in the off-road

To find ordinary in the alternatives

To find love in all the weird places

To find love in the gender-juggle

I will never explain

to you my





it is not me who is

responsible for the softening

of boundaries that outstretch

the capacity of your tedious mind

It is not me who is fakefolded

It is you who has to learn that

laundry can also be hanged

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